Rolando Gori, composer for film, television, web and live performance

Rolando Gori


Rolando's scoring achieves that rare trifecta of balance form and energy. He is as skilled with smaller moments as he is with big, bold action, and never fails to create a unique, unexpected and vibrant soundscape.

Brian O'Neill Screenwriter

Rolando's unique skills in music composition elevated the project to another level which I did not think was possible.

Roy T. Anderson Producer

He got the humor, the pace, the tone and added his own spin on the music to help me tell my story. I think one of the main reasons this film is so well received is due to the musical composition of Rolando Gori.

Victor Verhaeghe Director

Not only does Rolando deliver a polished piece of music with the nuances I’ve requested, but he contributes his ideas to the entire project. He consistently delivers the highest level of musicianship.

Monica Hoyt Director

Rolando's music is delightful and deeply, knowingly integrated into the pieces. He is the kind of collaborator who doesn't waste time telling you what he can't do. He shows you what he CAN do. And it's always spot on and perfect.

Michael K. White & Dianna Stark Writers

New York City-based composer, pianist and producer Rolando Gori was born in Rome and raised in Canada. He began making music at an early age, improvising melodies on his toy electric organ to keep his mother company as she did her chores. His childhood home was saturated with both classical and popular Italian music, and he would soon become smitten with the Anglo-American pop-rock of bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order. His earliest musical education came at the age of 10 when he discovered the full range of the piano and taught himself popular songs off the radio.

At 17, Rolando enrolled at the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) where he studied under renowned pianist Earle Moss and immersed himself in the music of Chopin and Beethoven. At Concordia University (Montreal) he learned composition from Alan Crossman, and continued piano studies with Linda Friedland. His formal education was classical, yet he continued to be strongly influenced by the 20th Century art music of Stravinsky and Britten, as well as more popular music artists, such as Radiohead and Beck.

Rolando received his BFA in Composition & Theory with honors from Concordia. His music has been heard in feature films, documentaries and narrative shorts, as well as in live performances by chamber ensembles, theater companies and dance troupes throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Alongside his wife, Heidi Siegell, he runs MUSA212, producing independent musicians at their project studio in Hell's Kitchen.